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EuroTeleSites offers a variety of solutions for building and maintaining all kinds of telecommunications services. We work with leading experts who pay individual attention to each client, offering a quick solution for network development tailored to a specific budget.

EuroTeleSites Core Offer


Space for the installation of the required active components of the MNO including antennas and a directional radio antenna as well as air conditioning and access systems. Contract management including colocation management for all existing and future contracts.


Maintenance of the passive infrastructure which includes the structure, air-conditioning systems, security systems, energy systems (external power supplies and generators if applicable)

EMF Support

EuroTeleSites will support the MNO in EMF (electromagnetic fields) communication with authorities and tenants, if necessary with structural measures. The MNO is responsible for compliance with the official limit values for the maximum output power.

EuroTeleSites Tailor Made Solutions


New sites are built based on the rollout forecast and demands of our customers. The service includes the complete process from acquisition until the site will be on air


Depending on the forecast of our customers, A1 Towers shall implement upgrades for new technologies e.g., 5G or any other upgrade needed by the customer. The service includes also needed contract upgrades


Provision of energy services, including alternative energy supply where grid supply is not possible. Energy cost are calculated as pass-through costs

Why work with EuroTeleSites?

Best strategically positioned towers
Either tailor made free-standing towers or antenna rooftop support structures.
A team of dedicated experts
They will advise and guide partners at every step: planning, design as well as overall management and maintenance.
Simplified co-location process
Original and customized solutions
Fast and efficient implementation of any project regardless of the scope, size and type of task.
Multiple site candidates
For a specific search area so that our clients can choose which one is best for their needs + location data package with details of approved candidate locations including owner information, utilities, zoning and approval information, preliminary site assessments, and photos.

Reliable Infrastructure

EuroTeleSites boasts an impressive track record and has received numerous awards for its substantial and robust network coverage in CEE, catering to the demands of telecommunications providers. As a leading player in the region, our company plays a vital role in accelerating the digitalization efforts across CEE countries.

Recognizing the economic importance of a strong telecommunications infrastructure, EuroTeleSites contributes significantly to the business landscape of Austria and CEE. By providing high-quality sites and reliable connectivity, we enable businesses to thrive and seize the opportunities brought about by digital transformation.

Local Experts

At EuroTeleSites, we take pride in our team of local experts who possess a long-term dedication to tower technology and deployment strategy. These forward-thinking professionals leverage their in-depth knowledge of the specific intricacies of local markets and conditions, allowing us to provide tailored solutions to our customers.

With our longstanding expertise, we are able to swiftly and efficiently respond to challenges and opportunities, ensuring that our operations remain effective and cost-efficient. Our team’s proactive approach allows us to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry, adapting to changing market dynamics and technologies to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Embracing Sustainability

EuroTeleSites has a significant role to play in reducing their carbon footprint and achieving energy cost-reduction savings through transversal efficiency programs.

One of the key benefits of efficiency programs is the reduction in the usage of materials like steel and concrete, leading to a decrease in CO2 emissions during construction and maintenance of telecom infrastructure. Additionally, these programs promote the reduction of soil sealing, preserving natural landscapes and biodiversity. They also prioritize landscape protection by encouraging the use of environmentally friendly materials and practices during infrastructure deployment.

About us

Providing the sustainable foundation for digital transformation.

Investor Relations

EuroTeleSites is a leading provider of wireless communications infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe


Providing the sustainable foundation for digital transformation.